Arts council celebrates members

Reneata Collins (of Beehive fame) shows off her “ghoulish” makeup. Enlargephoto

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Reneata Collins (of Beehive fame) shows off her “ghoulish” makeup.

The Mancos Valley Arts Council hosted a Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) party to thank its membership last Saturday night at the Bauer House (generously loaned by Bobbie Black). Traditional foods for this holiday were made by Marianne Griffin (our head chef!), Christy Williams, Katrina Roberts and Mac Neely, featuring meatballs in green chile sauce, two kinds of tamales, skull and bones cookies and a Pan de Muerto, plus chips, dips, veggie and fruit platters, cerveza, plus, plus, plus! A party in Mancos is not complete with a lot of people bringing some form of libation or chow!

Décor by Jama Collins (with ample help from her husband, Hardy) Dian Law, Marilyn Kroeker, and Brad Goddell transformed Bauer House into a somber, but vibrant setting for the party, complete with a traditional altar, papel picado, candles everywhere, and lots of bright flowers. Guests were greeted at the door with a giant “skull pumpkin.” All the guests were asked to wear black, some even had skull-ish face paint, mariachi music blared out, face painting by Brad Goodell and great conversations all evening. Door prizes were created by Goodell, including a pair of “Day of the Dead” champagne flutes.

This promises to be an annual event. If you would like to become a member of the Arts Council, applications are available at the Mancos Valley Visitors’ Center on Bauer. Join up and be on our list for fun events in the future. Art is the heart of the community, and a way for all of us to express something joyful.

Rob and Mary Wilson get “in the spirit”. Enlargephoto

Special to the Times

Rob and Mary Wilson get “in the spirit”.