Restored faith in humanity

To the editor:

I want to thank all my family, friends, businesses and anyone else in our wonderful community that has donated, sent cards and prayers for my kids. It has been so incredible to see and hear of all the support coming from our hometown. Sometimes we forget just how many good people there are in this world. My family and I have been so blessed with support and God. I would like to say thanks to my wonderful church, St. Margaret Mary of Cortez. And all the other churches that have sent prayers and denotations. I would like to thank everyone that attended and participated in the benefit dance at the Lewis Community Center — I heard it was amazing. Thank you to everyone that attended the Comedy Show. I wish we could have been there. I would really like to thank all the kids at the Mancos schools. You kids touched our hearts in so many ways.

Kiley and Breana Samora are back home now, recovering from minor injuries. Brett, Amy and I are still in Grand Junction at St. Mary’s Hospital. Brett suffered a terrible spine injury and multiple fractures. He will be receiving rehab in Denver at a world-renowned facility called Craig. This tragedy in my life has truly restored my faith in humanity.

Thank You and God bless.

Rudy Samora