Report on chamber events and projects

The Mancos Valley Chamber of Commerce has lots of projects that come up in the fall. Most recently the mini-grant applications were due Nov. 1. Now the Citizen of the Year Nomination is due Dec. 1. The Chamber is seeking nominations for people who have helped to make the Mancos Valley a wonderful place to live. Please nominate anyone who works or lives in the Mancos Valley that has made this a better place to live. Think about a neighbor, teacher, grocery store clerk, fireman, student, nurse, hairdresser, waitress, aunt or uncle — or for that matter, an organization. The contributing member of the community and role model can be any age.

Nomination forms are available at the Visitor Center, in today’s Times, online at or you can call 533-7434, and have a form sent or e-mailed to you. Your nomination should be placed in a sealed envelope, to maintain confidentiality, and postmarked by Dec. 1, PO Box 494, Mancos, CO 81328, or hand delivered to the Visitor Center at 101 E. Bauer

Another “Mancos Cash Mob” went to Artisans of Mancos on Saturday morning, Nov. 10. Artisans ran a sale, plus provided lots of homemade refreshments to encourage shoppers and give them strength. Get yourself ready for the next “Cash Mob” on Saturday, Dec. 8 at 10 am at the Raven House Gallery on Grand Avenue. Why go to the “Mancos Cash Mob?”

It’s a good time to hang out with friends.

Besides, the event host usually provides great munchies.

It’s a fun way to shop.

You can find out what a business has to offer you.

You are thinking local and shopping local.

You are giving a local business a crazy business day and having fun doing it.

Hope to see you at our next “Mancos Cash Mob” in December.