Geeks keep technology local

Perry Lewis and Victoria Peterson, owners, Geeks on Grand. Enlargephoto

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Perry Lewis and Victoria Peterson, owners, Geeks on Grand.

There have been a lot of changes at Geeks on Grand. But they remain a “downtown destination” and try to fill in business gaps in Montezuma County.

“We pretty much do everything,” said Perry Lewis, co-owner with his wife, Victoria Peterson. “Anything from hardware, software, virus removal, memory upgrades, search engine optimization and training.”

The training, done in conjunction with the Cortez Chamber of Commerce, involves anything from Smartphones, computers, iPads and social networking.

“We also offer a half hour of free training when you buy something from us — just so you know how to use it,” Lewis said.

The newest service they provide is selling and installing surveillance cameras. The systems can have up to 24 cameras, Lewis said. They’ve already installed a system at Mercy Medical Plaza in Durango that is 200,000 square feet.

“This is a new, big market for us and is really gaining a lot of steam,” he said. They can install, configure the software for you and store the data, all in a turnkey system.

Of course, Geeks also fixes most computers.

“It depends on what kind it is,” said Lewis. “We have a lot of dead computers around here that just can’t be fixed.”

Most of what they do is memory upgrades on Macs, but they really don’t know until they look at the computer.

“I can usually tell when someone walks in the door, if they have a Mac or a PC,” said Lewis. “A Mac owner usually has something that has broken - such as a cord. But a PC owner will have a look of panic on their face, because they have a virus on their computer and they haven’t backed up their files.”

They work in partnership with Connecting Point in Durango.

“Anyone can purchase a new computer or iPad from us. We will get it from Connecting Point, and it saves the drive to Durango,” he said. With the free training and no markup on the price, it’s a deal you can’t pass up.

Geeks on Grand will also do IT networking and support, or help if somebody has in issue with their internal network at their business.

“We can troubleshoot and we make house calls,” Lewis said.

Since Point to Point Graphics has moved out of town, Geeks will also help out with business cards, banners, and other graphic ideas. They can also make copies and send faxes for people.

The requests they get the most seem to be PC repair, “simply because there just isn’t anyone else in this area,” according to Lewis.

Lewis and Peterson are looking at creating a market for used computers, mostly laptop computers.

“Something that’s inexpensive,” Lewis said.

Their focus is mostly on Montezuma County, keeping the dollars and business here. While that’s difficult for Geeks to do sometimes, they know it’s all about customer service and keeping them coming back. “We really like being here,” said Lewis.

Geeks on Grand have a presence on Facebook at They also have a website at

Join them for a Holiday Open House on the evening of Friday, Dec. 7, when Santa arrives at Pioneer Park.