Is your public library really important?

Evidence continues to accumulate that supports what the library community has known for a long time: libraries benefit children and teens in a big way. From preschool through high school, both school library media programs and public libraries are crucial to the academic performance and development of the students who use them. At the library, kids learn how to learn an ability that will serve them well and position them for success all their lives. (For more data and statistics visit the ALA website)

The notion of library as a place for lifelong learning is not a new one for those in the library community. Mancos Public Library incorporates this in the essence of their Mission Statement. We serve our community from newborn to elderly. Did you know that we have an art wall that features local artists? Do you know that we will deliver books to homebound patrons? Our kids programs are amazing and happen four out of six days a week. Did you know that we have teen writing and technology (computer building) programs? Are you aware that there is a Great Decisions Group that meets monthly to discuss global topics? Do you know that there is a Community Cinema night every month?

Stop into your library and get to know that staff and learn what your library can do for you!