Message from the marshal

Well folks, this will be my last message ... for this year. I'm happy to see that we've all survived Dec. 21, 2012 and look forward to a New Year.

My message this week will be very short and simple. We would like everyone to enjoy the Holiday season. There will be lots of parties and gatherings for the New Year and we want everyone to enjoy responsibly. The Marshal's office, along with other law enforcement agencies, will be stepping up patrols for impaired and intoxicated drivers.

We would ask that you think ahead and have a designated driver if you're going to drink. Have a friend or family member you can call.

For any establishments that serve alcoholic beverages, we would ask that you consider providing a ride for your customers if they've had too much to drink. Monitor how much you serve and when enough is enough.

Listen, think about this. Spending New Year's Day behind bars, paying for attorneys, court costs, lost wages, losing your driver's license and any other expense the courts may impose, is not worth taking a chance of driving while impaired, let alone the safety factor of getting hurt or hurting someone else.

Be RESPONSIBLE ... and remember, we'll see you before you see us. Happy Holidays from the Marshal and his staff.