Happy New Year - Wrapped up in white!

A PHOTOGRAPHER'S DREAM: The 4th Annual Snow Show will take place concurrent with the Mancos Melt, sometime in March. There's more white stuff on the horizon, but don't wait. It is so gorgeous out there right now. Everywhere I drive I'm, thinkin' "snow show." Shoot! Shoot!

TOWN GALLERY NOTES: The gallery will remain dark throughout January for upgrades in lighting and other things. The 2013 season will open with a photography show by John Ninneman, featuring over 25 sepia photographs of the small pioneer schoolhouses all over Colorado. The show open early February and run till mid-March when the Snow Show will take over the gallery space. There are still open spots for you, artists, in the calendar.

NEW AT OLIO: American artist, Judith Goolsby will be featured at Olio Wine Bar and Café on Grand from now through Feb. 23. Her work is the result of an exuberant and colorful technique - a kind of an "everything goes" attitude. She calls them here "storybook paintings." So, break up long winter evenings, and go for a fabulous dinner by chef Jason Blankenship, and enjoy Judith's artwork. SNOW QUEEN: One of my favorite local artists is painter Susan Matteson. Her winter snow scenes are subtle, abstract and realistic all at the same time. Winter brings forth all the surreal colors of the season, and Susan captures them all. She shows at Goodnight Trail Gallery of Western Art, and you can see even more work on her website - www.susanmatteson.com.

TUCKED IN: This time of year is time for incubation of creative projects ... always more than I can complete. Somehow the quiet of winter, and the inconvenience of going almost anywhere, seem to give me the mental space to start thinking and doing. An ideal day is one where I can be in the studio/house all day without going anywhere!

KEEP IN TOUCH: Let me know what's happening in the arts community. I'd love to publish info about your event, show, concert, play, whatever! Call me: 970-533-7536. I have a fairly a new email address: dhlaw4367@gmail.com.