Chamber's Cash Mob events successful

Since September 2012, the Mancos Valley Chamber of Commerce has been sponsoring "The Mancos Cash Mob" at various businesses in the Valley. It's a fun approach to encourage folks to shop local, learn what our various businesses have to offer to the community and maybe spend a little cash in the process. In addition, it gives a local business a boost in business activity for the day.

The first "Mancos Cash Mob" was at Fahrenheit Coffee Roasters on the corner of Mesa and Grand. According to Linda and Matt, owners of Fahrenheit, the Cash Mob definitely boosted business activity for the day. They would recommend that other businesses in town host an event. The next event was in October and was held at Olio Wine, Food and Art on Grand Avenue where a similar increase in activity was experienced. There were four of us who couldn't make the event on that particular evening. So, we showed up on Saturday afternoon for lunch and told Jason Blankenship, chef and owner of the restaurant, that we were cash mobbing him. The businesses who have hosted "Cash Mobs" have noted that many times people show up early or late for the event because they can't be there for the scheduled time so businesses feel the effect of increased activity all day.

Patty Russell from Artisans of Mancos said they had a great day when Artisans got mobbed. "We served refreshments and had lots of fun because people hung around; they shopped, drank a little coffee and visited with friends." Raven House owner, Marilyn Kroeker, reported her best sales day since her grand opening on the morning the Cash Mob swamped her business. Patricia from Zuma Natural Foods, the most recently mobbed business, said it was a fun event to host. "Shoppers came all at once and it made Zuma's feel really festive," she said. According to Patricia, we need a little fun and friendship during these cold winter months.

The consensus from all the businesses that have participated so far is that the Chamber of Commerce should continue to sponsor "The Mancos Cash Mob." It seems that it is a fun way to do business. If you would be interested in having your business swamped by "The Mancos Cash Mob," please give the Chamber a call at 533-7434 or send an e-mail to

The next "Mancos Cash Mob" will be at Kaleidoscope Wellness on Feb. 9 in time for a little shopping before Valentine's Day.