Welcome new volunteer

Welcome the Visitor Center's newest Mancos Valley Ambassador and also the Chamber of Commerce's newest member, Cody Edwards, who has been a resident in the Valley for a year. He works for a publishing company that produces high school yearbooks and is able to work from his home. Formerly he lived in Tonganoxie, Kansas.

"I have a passion for the Mancos Valley and I want to make a contribution to the community," states Edwards. He is someone with very strong technology skills and wants to use those skills for the benefit of the community. He pointed out that Mancos already has a presence on Google Maps but there is a way to enhance that presence and he has the skills to accomplish that goal.

Edwards described how, through photography, a three-dimensional building can be posted on Google Maps that allows people to make a virtual visit to the community. Beginning in early February and continuing through March, Edwards will be photographing various businesses and structures in Mancos for the three-dimensional map. If you would like your business to be among the first photographed, please call, 970-533-7434 or send an e-mail to chamber@mancosvalley.com.

"I will be taking photos from all sides of a building in order to get all three dimensions," Edwards explained and "I will start with the businesses in town." He went on to say that sometimes businesses object when they realize that he will be taking pictures of their beautiful store-fronts and their sometimes messy backs. If you see him out and about taking photos of your business and you do not wish to be on the three-dimensional map, feel free to let him know. Or, if you object you can call the Visitor Center at 533-7434 or send an e-mail to chamber@mancosvalley.com and inform the VC that you do not wish to participate. He plans to have the three-dimensional map complete by early fall.