Think snow! Think Snow Show!

RETREAT NEWS: Last Saturday the board members of the Mancos Valley Arts Council met for their first annual retreat at Sundance Bear (hosted by two very generous members, Bob and Sue Scott). We met for three hours, with facilitation by Tami Graham who got us thinking about the next year, and the next five years. Some of the questions Tami asked each of us really opened up the discussion - "OK, it's 2018, what will the council have accomplished since 2013?" and the like. We left relaxed, charged up, and ready to take our endeavors to the next level.

I will be leaving the office of President in 2014. We elected as "President-Elect" Marilyn Kroeker, our very talented potter-painter-jeweler-singer-songwriter-gallery entrepreneur, and so on. She will bring a totally fresh perspective to the role of president. I will stay on the board, in an advisory position, and continue my role as gallery director for the Mancos Town Gallery. Katrina Roberts will continue as secretary (and gallery back up for me). We are currently seeking a treasurer. We are small potatoes right now, but our plans are big and we need some expertise in financial matters.

The biggest thing we discussed was creating The Mancos Valley School of Western Arts where people can come for a "creative" vacation out here in the beautiful Mancos Valley, learn an authentic "western" craft, take some field trips to Mesa Verde and beyond. Some of the classes we listed were iron forging, raku pottery, silk screening, wainwrighting (making a wagon) and, of course, plein aire painting, animals drawing and painting, just to name a few. I have had personal experience with this kind of learning, and it is a great way to do something completely different with time off. A focused week of learning by experience without day-to-day distractions sends you home totally refreshed. Additionally, we want to work with our local lodging outfits to provide housing for our many "students." Our exploratory committee is comprised of Marilyn Kroeker, Steve Williams, Brad Goodell and Mac Neely. We have so many talented and West-specific craftsmen and artists right here in Mancos, I'm sure we can put together an amazing faculty, and an amazing set of classes. If you or anyone you know is interested in teaching or learning, contact Brad or Steve. We intend to open our first courses in the summer of 2014.

Our other main focus will continue to be a close supportive role of the arts program at the Mancos Schools. We have been a supporter of the Mac lab and other programs. Kim Russell is our "Special School/Art Council Liaison" person. We recently had a lot of fun with 3rd and 4th graders creating a large (paper) "quilt" for the Martin Luther King, Jr. breakfast. We gave each child a piece of paper with "I HAVE A DREAM" printed on it, and each of them collaged what their dreams are, then taped all together. It's currently hanging in the middle school.

WHITE, WHITE, WHITE: The Arts Council will be hosting the 4th Annual Snow Show at the Town Gallery with an opening reception on Thursday, March 14 from 5 to 7 p.m. We are broadening our parameters for entries to include all media, including, but not limited to photography (please, 8 x 10 only), paintings, drawings, and 3D work. The theme is snow, ice crystals, winter in general - be creative. There will be great prizes this year for the best works by adults, and by kids under 16. Even the food at the reception will be snow and winter themed. The entry fee is still only $3 per item entered. Marilyn Kroeker at Raven House will start receiving entries as of Monday, Feb. 4. Get out there and start snapping!

HISTORIC SCHOOLHOUSES: The opening show of 2013 at the Mancos Town Gallery (in the Visitors' Center on Bauer at Boyle Park) will feature Johnn Ninneman's photographs of traditional one-room schoolhouses of Colorado. He has traveled the back roads all over Colorado to photograph these relics of our state's history. He actually printed these images in the darkroom. No namby-pamby digital stuff for this guy! At any rate, it promises to be a terrific show. It will open with an artists' reception on Friday, Feb. 8 from 5 to 7 p.m.

ENTRIES & INFO: The Town Gallery is working on the 2013 show schedule, and is actively seeking applications for exhibits. Contact Dian and let me me know what's happening in the arts community. I'd love to publish info about your event, show, concert, play, whatever! Call me: 970-533-7536.