Volunteer needed for scrapbooking

Some good news amid tragedy:

On Jan. 23, in Timbuktu, Mali, Africa, French tanks were closing in on this storied caravan city when the al Qaeda-backed militants who had governed Timbuktu since April left a departing blow. They broke into one of the world's most valuable libraries, ripping centuries-old manuscripts from shelves. Then they torched these priceless artifacts, in a scene of destruction that horrified scholars around the world. But in a relief for this beleaguered city, and in a triumph for bibliophiles, the vast bulk of the library was saved by wily librarians and a security guard - with an assist from modern technology.

An estimated 28,000 of the library's artifacts were smuggled out of town by donkey cart, said Prof. Abdoulaye Cissť and security guard Abba Alhadi, who worked to relocate the documents. Gunmen managed to burn only a few hundred papers, but even those were backed up digitally, said the library's bookkeepers. (Excerpt from Wall Street Journal, Feb. 1, 2013). Cheers for the brave security guard, wily librarians and the donkeys!

An Invitation: Great Decisions, a program offered by the Foreign Policy Association, has grown in the past 60 years into a multi-dimensional global studies program. Mancos Public Library hosts a monthly Great Decisions group on the last Monday of each month at 10 a.m. in the meeting room. It focuses on eight of the thought-provoking foreign policy challenges facing Americans today. The Great Decisions briefing book serves as the focal text for discussion groups by providing background information, expert analysis, and suggested discussion questions for each foreign policy issue. The Great Decisions television series from PBS is also shown and discussed at each meeting. We currently have a few openings. If you are interested or would like more information, please call the library and speak with Midge Kirk at 533-7600. This is a limited time invitation.

Volunteer needed: Do you enjoy scrapbooking? Are you a closet creative? Do you love your library and would like to show it? MPL keeps a scrap book of all related items. Over the years we have had amazing volunteers who have each contributed their talent and caring by way of keeping the scrapbook. The torch is being passed and we are currently in need of another volunteer to fill this job! It only takes a few hours a month, we have past copies for you to see and pattern your work on - or strike out on your own! You can do this task here at the library or in the comfort of your own home. Interested? Please call Midge at the library to discuss how you can become our official 2013 Scrapbook person! It is really a fun job.