Citizen of the Year - coming up

Each year, the Mancos Valley Chamber of Commerce recognizes the Citizen of Year during its annual community social held at the Visitor Center, 101 E. Bauer. This year's event is scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 28 at 6 p.m. The community is invited to celebrate the contributions the Citizen of the Year has made to the Valley.

Last November, nominations were opened for the 2012 Citizen of Year. A committee was formed to decide who, among all the nominations made, should receive community recognition for their work in the Mancos Valley. The Citizen of the Year Committee is made up of community members and the previous year's recipient who chairs the committee. Therefore, Committee Chair for the 2012 Citizen of Year Award is Jean Bader. No need asking anyone in town who is the 2013 recipient, especially the committee chair. That will not be known until the evening of Feb. 28.

The Citizen of the Year Committee makes its decision about who should be recognized based upon how the nominee's contributions have helped to make the Mancos Valley a better place to live. Nominations can be for an individual like a neighbor, teacher, grocery store clerk, fireman, student, nurse, hairdresser, waitress, aunt or uncle or for, that matter, an organization. Nominations must also include information about how the nominee went beyond job requirements and also how the nominee, in the process, became an admirable role model. The contributing member of the community and role model can be any age.

You will not want to miss the reception for the Citizen of the Year. There will be refreshments catered by Zuma Natural Foods this year and some great opportunities to see friends. Let's break loose from cabin fever and enjoy our community friendships.

Last week I announced the Amateur Photo Contest being sponsored by the three Chambers of Commerce in Montezuma County: Cortez, Dolores and Mancos. It is now available on line at You can also get detailed information about the contest at any one of the Chamber of Commerce offices. You may call Mancos at 533-7434 or stop by the Visitor Center at 101 E. Bauer.