Finalists for administrator meet Mancos

A crowd of about 50 people came to greet the three final town administrator candidates Monday evening at the Mancos Community Center. Everyone had a chance to meet the candidates and ask what questions they might have for them, or just get to know them. The three spent the day having their final interviews with panels made up of board members, area city managers and department heads.

Sheri Dugdale, who is currently assistant to the city manager of Durango, has lived in Mancos for some time now and loves the community. Her experience working closely with the city manager has given her some insight into what the workings of a city might be. "I feel that I have a broad range of city experience," she said.

Mac Myers, who has been a resident of Mancos since 2005, would like to see more economic development for Mancos. "We have some great businesses here and I'd like to see them developed, especially along the highway. We are in a unique position to Mesa Verde and I think we should capitalize on that."

Andrea Phillips came from Columbus, Ohio, to interview as one of the three finalists. She brings a lot of managerial and municipal experience with her. She currently works for the city of Columbus and has also worked for the State of Ohio. She went to school in Boulder and would like to get back to Colorado. "I'd like to see needs of the community be addressed, such as improving the infrastructure, the parks and trails, and try to coalesce these efforts," she said.

The search committee will meet in executive session on Wednesday to make a possible decision about the town administrator position.